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March 13, 2009

Ada’s Headshots And The Editing Process.


I finally finished all the editing and Photochopin’ from last weeks shoot with Ada.  These two headshots were the first to be shot and the last to be processed.  I’m very happy with how they turned out.

I don’t enjoy sitting behind the computer editing but hate seeing images not realize their full potential in post.  I think I purposefully don’t spend much time looking at unprocessed images because I want to wait and see them in all their glory.

The creative process is a never ending, and ongoing, relationship with your work.  By the time I am done editing, I am pretty much sick of the images I loved only days ago when they glowed on the back of my DSLR.  I’ve discovered that’s part of the creative process and have come to accept it.  I mean – I still like them, but for a while, the infatuation with the shots is gone.  Time must pass before I can look at them objectively again.  It may only take a walk around the block with the dog (something I commonly do while editing), a mountain bike ride with buds or a week away from them entirely.  Editing makes you focus and relate to the images in a completely different manner.  You look at them at a pixel level, under a microscope, instead of printed or hung on a wall where you can see them for what they are.  You lose sight of the big picture and get lost in the details.  I find stepping away and leaving them be for a bit adds much needed perspective.  Looking at an image in a different mood, light or time of day can completely change how you feel about it.   When I finally see the edited images, it makes it all worth while.  I love them and the creative process has come full circle.

About the Author

Marc Landry is a Toronto, Ontario based action sports photographer. Honing his skills on local and World Cup cycling circuits, Marc has since expanded his subject matter to include several outdoor adventure sports. Marc is in his element when surrounded by the energy that top athletes radiate. The relationships he forms with his subjects is apparent in his images and is part of what defines his look. He is most at home in the mountains and his preference for long glass and elaborate lighting setups has become his signature style. Born and raised in Ottawa, Marc now lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter


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